Longwell’s Y-power Cords Are Rugged And Endure High Current

BCTI Morten (LJ) Koch

Longwell offers Y-Power Cords suitable for use in applications or environments that require high durability and the ability to endure high current.  Large industrial heaters are often used at off site outdoor locations and require a durable, reliable connection capable of conducting high electrical currents consistently. Industrial cleaning machinery requires power cords that can endure high-currents and is water and mold proof.

Our FIG_1394-027 detachable power cord is the ideal solution for such applications. Longwell supports OEM/ODM from start to finish through product design, development and engineering to initial production and launch through to volume manufacturing and global delivery.

No matter if your project is in the initial concept phase, working through the industrial design phase, or ready for parts to be quoted, Longwell’s development and manufacturing teams can support your project.

To learn more about how the Longwell team can partner with you to achieve your goals, contact us today. Email info@blackcircletech.com  or Call 1-877-870-2284